Build an inspired, loyal, and productive employee base & achieve greater impact with fewer dollars than traditional employee reward programs.

Bucketful helps HR departments

Provide a more meaningful way to reward your employees for performance or service anniversaries

  • Help your employees pursue his or her individual or personal, social or professional goals
  • Provide employees with extraordinary experiences, rather than just another paper weight

Know them beyond their names

Leverage data and gather actionable insights into your human capital

  • Access information on employees’ highest and deepest life aspirations, while remaining an arm’s length away
  • Better tailor HR programs and initiatives to employees’ preferences and interests

We Make it an Easy Sell

Maximize your HR budget

  • Utilize the tax benefit of perks versus extra salary to reward employees
  • Give exactly what the employee wants, take the guesswork out

Why choose us?

3 Reasons Why



No one is forced to choose from a catalog with a mountain of choices. We advise, guide, and if required, coach through the decision process.



Although service anniversary awards are our bread and butter, we can craft team building events and work with EAP programs depending on your needs.



We are there every step of the way to encourage the fearful. Sometimes a well timed text or call is all that stands in the way of self-fulfillment.


Why We Do What We Do

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