The Why

It all started with a toaster.

Once upon a time, our founder put in fifty straight hours of frenetic work trying to complete a project before the deadline. After submitting his work he collapsed into bed and woke up with a potent migraine and heart palpitations. He eventually wound up in the hospital for a couple days where he started to regret all the things he wouldn’t be able to do if he didn’t make it out.

Fortunately, he did make it out, and waiting for him at home was a toaster from his company, thanking him for his long years of service.

It was then that he realized three things:

  • He needed a new line of work.
  • Most employee appreciation programs are lacking.
  • Living with regret is worse than death.

It was from those three conclusions that Bucketful was conceived and born.

The How

Our methodology is simple.  We ask you for a budget for the reward.  We ask your employee what three things they always wanted to do but couldn’t.  If they are unsure, we act as a guide to experiences that fit them best. If they are unwilling, we are more than happy to encourage them to take that faithful, but rewarding, first step.

The Benefit

It’s common sense; happy workers are productive workers.  They are also less likely to jump ship for other opportunities elsewhere.  We think that there is no better reward that an employer could give than to help someone self actualize (besides the paycheck of course!).